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How do you use color in your email marketing?

Date Added: March 08, 2012 07:17:44 AM
Author: Ananth Prasath
Category: Business

A successful email marketing campaign is made up from many different components and designing a good template is one of them. However, it takes more than simply creating a template to follow every time you write an email and you will need to think about the color and font that you use. An email is not a children’s fairytale so there is no need to use every color in the rainbow! But, a little well placed color goes a long way in email marketing just as it does when you write a blog or a news article. Creating a color palate that you can use in your emails is easy and there are a few things that you should always avoid and a few things that you should always do. Check out these handy tips on how to use color in emails 1. Be Eye Catching Not Blinding! Think of using color in email in the same way that it should be used in watercolor… It should gently catch your eye without being painful to your retina and getting that balance is the tricky part! Many email clients will block images by default so using color in your text instead is a useful way to create more for your reader than continuous text. So, try to use it sparingly so that it highlights the most important part of your email rather than the entire email. Here is a great example: Hi Lozz, This month, we at Kapsytem want to give something back to our loyal customers by offering a special 50% discount off all items found on our website. We hope that you will enjoy with our bulk sms services package us and that you take full advantage of our great offer while stocks last! Check out www. kapsystem .com today and make your cat purr for less! Kind regards, Aney You can see that the color works nicely to make the most important message in the email stand out with just a quick glance, to ensure that the reader doesn’t have to spend long reading the email in depth to understand what it is about. 2. Colors to Avoid Red and blue are the two most obvious colors to be careful of when writing text. The online world has warped our brains into automatically seeing links when you see blue text and red is always associated with danger. It’s great to ensure that all links are highlighted in blue but normal text should always be a different color. 3. Change the Size of the Font Another great technique when adding color to an email is to change the size of the colored font to one or two sizes larger. This makes the colorful text pop even more and it screams “Read me!” to anyone who simply glances at the email. for more information about mass email marketing bulk email marketing software for email marketing
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